The Background of the Bandina of the Philharmonic Society ‘Mantzaros’

The Bandina of PSM was created, in 1974, by the late conductor Stephanos Dolianitis, who were the music director of the bandina, during its first years.

Initially, the bandina had the form of a small ensemble, while later became a small school band, which was preparing the students for their absorption in the main music band.

The first concerts of bandina were taking place, in the ceremony hall of the Society, on the ending of the school year.

The next years until 1986, the music direction of the bandina passed to the hands of the late sub-conductor of the PS ‘Mantzaros’ G. Kourkoulos, from 1986 until 2009, the music director was the conductor Spyros Dolianitis and from 2009 until August of 2013, the music director was the sub-director Spyros Nikas.

The bandina has performed successfully tracks of classical, light, modern, film music and musicals, and has collaborated with singers and the choir of the Municipality of Corfu.

It has performed concerts in Corfu, in many Greek cities, in the Music Hall Palace of Athens, and it participated in the EXPO 2000, in Hannover in Germany.

Today, bandina consists of 80 young musicians, who are refreshed continuously, from the schools of the Society.

Since September 2013, for the musical direction of the bandina is responsible the conductor and director of the schools of the PS ‘Mantzaros’,  Socratis Anthis.